About This Blog

This blog has undergone a change of focus. If you are looking for the blog for Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC waterfront lodging and small retreat center, please visit: Angels Rest Blog. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Over the years blogs have become more popular, and having a name more in line with the business makes the most sense.

Henceforth we will be using this blog to discuss the personal challenge of walking the talk in the Last Frontier, no longer focused on the day-to-day business of lodging, instead, with a new focus of “the talk” being that of Unity, Inter-Spirituality, Enlightenment, Peace.

Those are not new concepts to Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay. Founded with the purpose of sharing this magnificent setting with others, Angels Rest is a place where, if Angels take vacations, they would come.  In the past 15 years, thousands of visitors have experienced this unique and special lodging experience. It is an award winning property on Trip Advisor. Originally, LAMP thought this would be her retirement.  And it will be. It will also be so much more and so will she.

With the Gathering House completed, we can now hold small intimate retreats of no more than 16 and as few as 7 guests; the Gathering House provides a lovely comfortable space for everyone to meet, relax, eat or work together. Furnished with comfortable family room style furniture and tables with chairs it’s a wonderful space.

LAMP intends to move mountains and has launched herself into a 4th new career, to improve the planet that her grandchildren will inherit and she is working with others to bring love to everyone on the planet. She’s always dreamed Angels Rest could be an inspirational place to people, so in many ways, this is a natural progression.

The stories here are LAMP’s stories of walking her path, bringing her next gift forward to the light, whatever it may be. She vibrates at a different frequency than most, so there are lots and lots of challenges!  She is also writing her life story from the beginning, which you can read at My Long Road Home to Alaska

Anyone who knows LAMP knows she is a visionary and has a faith that exceeds most. They also know, she is usually successful. 🙂

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