When the 5th dimension meets the 3rd Dimension

I walk a strange walk in this world. I always have. My experience of late is that as I move


The root ball in all its glory with the original stump by its side. Taken about 6 years ago.

closer and closer to a more public appearance of this strange walk of mine, the more I am opening up to that which has been hiding inside of me for years. A way that I used to be, way back when I first arrived, that I have carefully repressed, at some level for 60+ years.


I’m speaking specifically now about my experience of empathy; my empathy that connects with all things. When I came into this world, awake and in communication with Source, I could feel everything. I do mean everything. I’ve blocked those memories, for the most part, to fit in and cope with my surroundings, but just today something awakened in me, because of something that happened last night.

For some years I’ve walked past a fallen tree’s root ball at the beach and taken photos of it. Last night when we took our walk, I discovered that someone had taken a saw to the root ball, cutting all the different branches and leaving it in this new state of “Scalped.” You can see some of the fresh cuts in the photo below. The change was shocking.


Last night, the most recent “scalping.” You can see some of the fresh cuts.


I am someone who lives with the thought of divinity constantly in the forefront of my mind, yet last night I faltered in that. The pain that I felt coming from the tree stump was palpable. I fought the urge to fall to my knees and cry while at the same time screaming at the top of my lungs. I hurt, physically.

I’ve been known to say that empathy isn’t a good thing. People think I’m heartless when I say that, but I am not; in fact, I’m 100% heart-based because I’m talking about protecting the heart. Empathy is about feeling another’s pain. This process is not a good thing to practice. (I mean no disrespect for the millions of Empaths in the world, it’s a matter of managing the energies is all.) The reason why I say it is not a good practice is it takes us out of our “selves” and places our energy into the being of another, or it takes another’s pain and energy and brings it into our “self.” Neither approach is desirable. It is not for us to take on another’s pain, either by sitting in it with them or by bringing them or their pain into us. If our being is meant to experience a particular pain, then that pain will come to us, and we will have the experience for ourself. We do not need to, nor should we, go looking for it in others. Humanity is rather confused about this thing we call empathy. For Empaths, it’s a matter of understanding the energies and managing them. Psychically sensitive empathy is a result of being tapped into an area of consciousness that can be difficult to manage, but it’s doable.

Since we are a creation of creation in expression, the way we are intended to experience the world around us is from within ourselves. It is through our relationship to another and our witnessing of another but from within ourselves. We often lose the compass on this, and we take on more than we are designed to do. This confusion is what happens when we allow ourselves to experience empathy.

Back to my scalped tree stump. What I am realizing is the deep and profound pain that I felt when I first saw it in it’s mutilated state with the fresh saw cuts was empathy. I allowed myself, even for the briefest of moments to become the freshly sawed root ball. I allowed myself to feel the tips cut off and burned in the illegal campfire on the beach. As I process my reactions to this event I realize just how locked up I have kept my empathy, and for how long. I remembered today why I don’t allow myself to feel things that connect me with the inanimate. What rushed back into my memories are times as a tiny child crying over the pain of my inanimate surroundings. I used to connect to everything. If you’ve seen the movie Beauty and the Beast let me tell you the candelabra, tea cup, tea pot….that’s real when you’re in a certain stage of consciousness. When we are little we start out in this connected state; how quickly we become 3d and lose our 5d connection depends on a number of factors.  I stayed connected for some time into my childhood at this energetic level, but my memories of those times are quite buried.

In the world of the 5th dimension, everything is in divine order always. Therefore the mutilated stump is in divine order and so were the people who mutilated it. All is a result of the One Great Mind, the All That IS. Therefore all that exists and happens is a result of divine creation. When one aspect of divinity in expression does something to seemingly harm another aspect of divinity in expression the question we seem to always come back to why? Why, why, why? We judge the appearance and question its purpose.

Therein lies the trap. The answer to “why” is simply “because it is so.” It is what the energies have created; it is what the energies produced. It gets offered for your experience; how do you choose to relate to it?

The operative question becomes “What?” What is your response? What is your growth as a result of the experience? What does this experience lead you to do or feel or be?

So, I will allow myself to feel the sorrow of the scalped root stump, but I will not take the pain into myself and keep it. I will not look at it tomorrow on my walk as “scalped” but will


An earlier “scalping” occurred a few years ago.

rather appreciate the gift of enlightenment that has come about as a result of the stump’s disfigurement. I will enjoy the photo array I put together that shows the changes over time. In fact, this particular stump turned up not that long ago, just 6 or so years ago; I initially thought it had been there all along.


The desecration of this beautiful stump didn’t happen all at once either as you can see from this photo. It happened gradually over time; for some reason, this occurrence stood out, perhaps because it took things right down to the end, or maybe as I am getting closer and closer to living in Stage 4 Consciousness more and more of the time I will find myself connected to things at a deeper and deeper level. I will need to learn to manage this energy.

I can do this. I’ve got this. It’s what I came here to do.



The original stump before the big root ball washed up, circa 2006


3 thoughts on “When the 5th dimension meets the 3rd Dimension

  1. Hi Lynda! I loved and very much related to your post. However, I do still think that empathy is a good thing, with boundaries. We have to have boundaries for our own self care, but I believe that empathy (in balance) can heal the world. What are your thoughts?

    • Thanks for your comment! I think this is an awkward conversation to be clear on because words don’t really serve us well. I believe we come into form to experience relationships with others, but that experience is from within ourselves. The challenge of empathy is it takes us out of ourselves. I don’t believe that empathy is what will heal the world. Unconditional love is what will heal the world, I believe. If it is for me to experience something, then I will have the experience myself ~ the Universe will bring me the experience. It is not for me to take on the experience of another through a vicarious process of empathy. Their life is really not my business. Hope that’s a little clearer?

  2. I understand where you are coming from. I think our confusion is with the definition of the word “empathy”. To me, empathy means that even when we haven’t experienced someone else’s life circumstances, we can find some experience within our own life that has evoked the same emotion. Just affirming that someone is not alone in the experience of their feelings is healing. This video might help explain what I mean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Evwgu369Jw. And if you are interested in learning more about this perspective, I recommend purchasing Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” audio book series on audible. It is truly life changing, and she covers many important topics including empathy.

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