Direction Correction Clarification

Sometimes, as I walk the talk of my life and destiny, I think I’m on the path Source intends for me, and sometimes, my resistance to something, leads me astray. Most of the time I feel as if I know where I’m going and what I’m doing, but in the time since I founded WE LOVE US, I’ve known changes to the path I’ve been on were coming, but it hasn’t been clear how the changes would manifest. I’ve done my best to understand this gift and what I’m to do with it. How I am to “walk it out into the world.”

In my last post I was so happy about my new hip and I felt as if my new hip marked a new path I would be on; and getting that new hip was so easy!  I have 2 artificial hips and the advances in technique in the past 6 years is astounding.  Recovery times went from several months with the posterior approach, to 2 weeks with the anterior approach!

Perhaps I was trying to take the easy way out with WE LOVE US also.  I’ve felt completely overwhelmed with WE LOVE US and how to introduce it to the world.  I feel it has huge potential, really huge.  I was so overwhelmed that I turned to 2 public figures that I believe have the power to change the world in a speech. I feel this strongly about WE LOVE US; I believed they would both embrace it. By embracing it, a path would become clear, and what to do would become clear.  I was looking for help, for some clarity. I really didn’t know where to turn; the people I’m taking classes from and studying with all have their own things they are launching and selling. I’ve got classes that map out “steps” that it seems like everyone is following….but WE LOVE US felt too large for me alone.

The day I was going to mail the packets I had put together, to these two people, along with some other folks who have been supportive of my efforts of WE LOVE US, was also, interestingly, the 25th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill.  As we left the house for our morning walk to the beach (the dogs were super excited since I’d just gotten my strength back after my latest hip replacement surgery to take 2 walks a day with them), I had a bad feeling wash over me.  I’m all about energy, and live very tuned in to the energy around me.  I shrugged my shoulders and chalked it up to the historic anniversary.  I felt excited to go to the Post Office after our walk!

As we returned from our walk, I was thinking about this great healer I know, and how happy I was to have connected with him on Facebook, right then, as I turned towards our driveway, my toe caught a chunk of frozen slush on the side of the gravel road, and KABOOM!!! DOWN I went, with a vengeance!! I didn’t just trip; an unseen force assisted me, of that I am certain.  I was not walking fast, there was no such forward momentum to explain the extent to which I shattered my femur.

It’s taken me until now, just shy of 10 weeks for me to figure it out completely.  There is some part of it that has to do with me taking Advil instead of Tylenol, and some inherent failure to heal properly from the replacement surgery.  But there is also much more.  Ultimately, there is a “course correction” for me, that has to take place; for WE LOVE US to become what it must, I must step up and truly claim responsibility for it. I must walk it out into the world myself, without any “help.”

I must start with my own customers at Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay.  At long last, the “retreat center” I’ve always dreamed of is creating itself before my eyes. I don’t have to rely on finding small weddings or quilt groups, other retreat venues; I can host my own retreats!

I will start by placing my beautiful stickers about WE LOVE US on a window in each of our lodging units, along with a brochure about WE LOVE US and the retreats available about WE LOVE US.  I’ll offer both weekend retreats and week-long retreats.  I’ll help people start WE LOVE US circles in their neighborhoods, communities, businesses.

The world is crying out for a new way of life.  I will help others to find a way to bring about a new life. I will start with people I am already connected to through my lodging business.  People who resonate with it will come visit with me while they are staying with us. We’ll have great conversations; who knows the connections that will happen!?!

I’m a trained meeting facilitator in the ViStar Method, I’m a Certified ACE Graduate (Agent of Conscious Evolution), and I am a Universe Whisperer, according to some. My upcoming book “My Long Road Home to Alaska” recounts my life story, which many call inspirational.

This is how it starts…..I have to really step out there and be the LAMP that Source has made me. When I had this epiphany, I was overcome with emotion. I can feel my hip suddenly starting to heal faster. I am finally on the right path and walking in the right direction.

Thank you Dear Reader!
I welcome your comments and questions.
❤ LAMP ❤

One thought on “Direction Correction Clarification

  1. This sounds so right for Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay!! It is synchronicity! And now that you see it, the time is right! So happy for you!

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