My life is SO blessed ~ Thanks and a Debt to Pay (and a Point to Prove)

There’s no way to express the overwhelming number of blessings bestowed upon me in the past few days.  I’m recovering from a total left hip replacement, anterior approach, performed on 2.19.2014. This is my second day of recovery and I’m easily walking around our house without a cane, on nothing more for pain than Advil. This post is not about the recovery. I will post those stories on my Laugh to Heal Blog.

My point here, is to capture the miracles of the process, and to speak to my Mission, why I am here, for it is clear to me, when I look from a further lens, from a higher level, that there is a story being lived out here on Planet Earth, and we are all players.

If you are not familiar with me, let me take just a moment to explain that I have led an amazingly blessed life, from day one (actually before day one). I am here with a Mission or Assignment. I have a Purpose.  What makes me different from most folks is that I’ve known this from the day I was born.  I’m here in Alaska, walking the talk in the Last Frontier because it’s where I belong. I am not boasting, in fact, it makes me uncomfortable being “different” or “special” or “lucky” as some have a tendency to put it, but it’s no coincidence I’m a “LAMP” so I must step into these shoes and stop being shy about it. It’s a part of my Mission.

For many years I’ve built, along with my husband and Soul Mate, Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC as a part of my Mission. (It’s a small Retreat Center off of the Gulf of Alaska).

In the past few years, it’s become clear to me that there is a larger Mission for me, and WE LOVE US was born.  I founded it on Easter 2012 (March 31, 2013).  I’ve managed Angels Rest and been developing the marketing material for WE LOVE US ever since. January 1st of 2014, I announced the “launch of WE LOVE US.”

Because of the size of this project, I knew I would need to walk.  To meet with the high-level leaders and other Visionaries and Corporate Sponsors the project requires, I’m going to need to do A LOT of walking.

The first miracle was the work I did with the tuning forks last summer and the way they revealed the sleeping problem in my left hip to me ~ because of my regime, I live pain-free and healthy.

I was working with Lev Natan from The Medicine Tree.  He trained in Sound Therapy and excitedly shared some new things he learned.  I love sound, so I was game. He had suggested an Otto 128 Tuning Fork,  along with C & G forks, and I had adopted a daily ritual using the forks. I felt amazingly energized.

I started work with the forks in mid-July. After a few weeks, I suddenly started having problems with my left hip and right shoulder (although my whole body hurt, those were the two pain centers). I couldn’t walk to the beach and back with my husband and dogs, as was our twice daily routine.

I stopped using the tuning forks and convinced my body it didn’t need pain anymore.  By early September I was back to living pain-free and was able to walk to the beach again.

But by late fall my left hip, during a Chiropractic session, produced the same pain I’d lived with for years in my right hip: bone on bone.  Once a body knows the pain, it never forgets that pain, and I immediately made arrangements to have an x-ray taken of my left hip. I had bone spurs and arthritis and the hip was ready for replacing. With the huge launch of WE LOVE US awaiting me, I was so happy to have identified this sleeping serpent.

in 2008, I had my right hip replaced in February, which is a very slow lodging month for us, and still a slow advance reservation time, making paperwork manageable. It worked out perfectly to repeat the same general schedule, this time avoiding “Super Bowl Weekend” which I’d been in the hospital for in 2008.

My blessings are many, from great hospital and staff, great surgeon and assistants, good friends who came to visit, to all the wonderful caretakers, to my loving husband who stayed with me till mid-afternoon, when I sent him home to get a good night’s sleep, and who was there early the day after, ready to whisk me home.

During my hospital stay, when I could, I shared my philosophy of self-care with my caretakers. They were always remarking on my good health, my lack of pills. I think it’s a philosophy worth sharing since I am trying to prove something, for the purpose of having exactly this story to tell!

I have had to live for many years without any health insurance, ever since my Cobra ran out in 2003. Denied insurance because of my blood, I decided the only responsible thing to do was to take the responsibility for my health since I couldn’t really afford for anything to happen to me or for me to get sick.

I moved to Alaska in part to live with fresh air, clean pure water, I eat clean, and organic foods when possible. Since moving here I have come to avoid all chemicals, both household and personal, all additives and all things with “natural flavoring” in addition to “artificial flavoring.”

I refuse to believe the commercials, I do not “ask my doctor” about this, that, and the other thing. I refuse the obvious brainwashing that goes on in our country from the large corporations and mass media. I search out the truth and I live a life of truth, in as much harmony with Planet Earth and those around me as I can. 

I meditate daily on my connectivity with Source, which knows no disease, I pray to fulfill my Life Mission even as I understand I did not know it in its entirety, and since 2007, I control all my thoughts, I do ritualized journal writings and I drink my “Word Water,” which I believe is a magic elixir, for lack of a better term.

When I had my right hip replaced in February 2008, I had just started my Word Water Regime, the ritualized journal and adopted a personal experiment to prove that our thoughts matter. How we spend our time in our mind makes our life. In addition to the Word Water, I adopted these several spiritual rituals, to prove the point to myself, and if successful, then to others. None of my ideas are original ideas, but I have perhaps an original approach to many common and popular ideas about life and the nature of reality.

My recovery in 2008 went amazingly well, but not without some challenges. My wound healed extremely quickly and it is hard to see the 10″ scar.

Now, 6 years since adopting my Regime, I can only explain myself as a miracle body, and my life as a road paved with a rainbow. My body is amazingly resilient, rarely succumbing to communicative diseases, and if I wound myself in any way, I almost instantly heal. I don’t partake in flu shots and do not believe most of what I hear about health.

I’m in my 60th year, and the only thing physically wrong with me, (now that I’ve replaced my left hip), is my “Factor V Leiden Mutation” blood clotting disorder, (which I must have inherited from my paternal genetic donor (Victor, my Mother’s paramour), and is what Source used to get me to Alaska so I could find my Soul Mate/Twin Flame). A whole different story!

Now the problem is I keep losing my Medic Alert bracelets, which for someone who never, ever, loses anything, is a significant sign there’s something going on with this whole blood thing. But, that is a different story also. I wore my last bracelet to the hospital, and seem to have left without out it, after putting it in a bag with my clothes. I have no suspicion of it being stolen. If it refuses to show up, as have all the others that have gone missing in the past 6 years (I think we’re up to 4 now), it just confirms my suspicion there is meaning in the missing.

Since there is not yet a collective belief that I can overcome a “genetic” disorder, to get off my life prescribed blood thinners will be difficult. I do believe there is a chance my DNA and genetic make up has changed…proving that at the moment is apt to prove expensive.

I set out to prove something, and as I look at my circumstances now, from a detached view, from a “zoomed out” perspective, I can see that there IS something to what I’m doing, to what I’ve done. My life has a purpose, and it is to share my insight, to allow others to experience miracles and blessings in their lives, so that they might begin to live the lives they dream of.

I can assure you, the hardest thing about what I am trying to share, will be for you to overcome the “appearances” of reality, and to see “truth.”

Until Next Time, Dear Reader,
I Thank You for Your Time,
❤ LAMP ❤
P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!

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