When Signals Get Crossed And We Forget We’re Not Really In Charge

It hasn’t been the smoothest January on record; 2014 it seems, is starting in a fitful way. In our lives, I have come to realize, this is entirely my fault. As a result, on several occasions recently, I have raised my voice and even yelled.  Slapped my palm on my desk.

A horrible thing to admit for someone who works so hard at being a good steward of Oneness and Love, Peace and Acceptance.  Lately, though, the energy has been really difficult to handle.  I found myself clutching my stomach and doubling over in pain. When we fight all the signs the Universe and our Guardian Angels give us, and we think “we” know best, blindly ignoring all the right signs, we end up like this. In a pickle, which is what I was in.

That night, after slapping my hand on the desk, as I was getting ready for bed I realized that my Blessings Stone was missing from my pocket. [This is a very special stone that magically appeared in my left pocket one day, during an Epiphany I experience I had during the summer of 2013).

I had this horrible feeling wash over me thinking it was a sign that I had lost the support of Source; that the events of the day had tainted my energy, that I’d lost the support of the Universe. I was feeling heartbroken; feeling I had failed in my mission of being my best, that day. I was forlorn.

With prayers on my lips of its safe return, I walked out of the bathroom and examined my chair, felt all around in it, pulled my lap blanket up, shook it and set it back down. Nothing. It wasn’t there. Dismayed, I started to turn away, and there it was! My Blessing Stone, sitting right on top of the blanket.

Stunned, I picked it up, held it, I admit, I kissed it. Joy and gratitude filled me; peace filled me. It was on top of the blanket, that I had just picked up and shaken. It was a miracle. My heart lightened; this flux of energy, it is not about me. The whole deal, doomed from the beginning, it was; the Universe didn’t want me involved in it, and it did everything it could to stop it; but I intervened, thinking I knew what was going on and what was  to happen, when in fact, without that intervention, none of this would have happened.

My lessons are to not intervene, it’s not for me to know what’s right for another person; and to remember that there is a bigger picture, that I can not see. Other than that, this is not my lesson. This is not about making me a better employer….that’s not to say I can’t learn lots of lessons from it! I must work to never allow someone to rock my boat as it was. I can always learn to do better; my point is, there is something larger going on here.

The moment I found the Blessing Stone I knew that I should let the situation go.

The next day, when I discussed this with my husband, he said he was ready to shut down in the winters.  We’ve tried to stay open year round for most of the 15 years we’ve been in business. We don’t make anything, but so many Alaskans appreciate the opportunity to experience our waterfront cabins in the winter, that we’ve done what we can to stay available.

When we look at the times that we have problems, it’s always in the off-season. Well for crying out loud! This isn’t rocket science.  If we consistently have problems in the off-season, and we don’t make any money, we actually lose money, let’s shut down like everyone else!

As anyone who knows me knows, I am not like anyone else, and it goes against my nature to try; but in this case, I have to admit, given the circumstances, it makes sense. When I look at things from an Energetic standpoint, it seems it’s what the Universe wants us to do. Stop the nightly rentals in the off-season. Again, I have intervened trying to create a dream I have, that clearly, is not as I have dreamed it. (That doesn’t mean that it isn’t the same dream, just bigger; I suspect it will be much bigger, and exactly as I have dreamed, but it will happen in a way I never imagined.) (Fast forward to June and we’re beginning to see this act out in life!)

We’ll still be “open year round” but only for groups in the off-season. How we’ll handle Spring 2014 remains undetermined, but we have the luxury of closing for the month of February if we need to, and we’ll figure the rest of it out. I am not worried; I don’t know who will work or from where, but I know it will work out. It always does, and it will again. I’ve been able to make some temporary arrangements, so things are already taken care of!

By Saturday afternoon I was feeling very good about those decisions. As I arrived home at the end of the day I remembered the E2 book and the author’s suggestion of simply asking the Universe or Source, for a blessing.  Don’t be specific, just ask and be surprised. So, I did just that. I asked for a blessing, “surprise me” I said. Although I had my Blessing Stone safely in my pocket, I felt a hug from the Universe would feel really good right about then.

That night, I didn’t sleep well at all. I knew what I must do on Monday, and I had to decide the best way to do relieve ourselves of a problem. By morning I had arrived at the decision to take action first thing Monday. I had chosen a nice neutral, yet generous way to deal with things.  These things were on my mind as I was getting ready to go to work, Sunday morning.

Suddenly, as I walked across the living room floor (vacuumed, and swept several times in the last month), there right out in the open, in the middle of the laminate floor, where we walk all the time, was my gold nugget earring that had gone missing on 12/17/13.

Remember my asking for a random unspecified blessing the day before? Well, here it is.

This gold nugget earring just appeared out of no where; just as the Blessing Stone two nights before. (I am shy to admit things like this happen all the time for me. Sharing this is part of the story though, so I forge ahead. It is through these stories that you will come to really know me, which seems important.)

I can move forward with my plans on Monday, and all the rest, with confidence that I am in accordance with the Greater Plan. I suspect that once I get out of my way, things might start happening!

I remember a similar time in my early 20s as I was bemoaning yet another broken heart or confusing boyfriend; when things happen over and over, and they are things we don’t really care for, it’s life telling us something.  We can either ignore the signals and repeat our mistakes; or we can ask for guidance in understanding the lesson or message. We can ask for help to move on.

Mostly what we don’t realize, is that we can ask for help. Prayers do work; the Universe, Source (God if you must), our Guardian Angels, and everything else, is listening. Everything that surrounds us is participating in the Grand Illusion that is what we all Life. This is what we really need to realize.

Until Next time, Thank you Dear Reader!

Shared with Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

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