Not All Signs Should Be Followed

I live a life that is very intimate with Source. I know this because every day something happens to confirm my connection with all that is.

This story however, is a story about how when we want something too much, we can fail to pay close enough attention to signs and signals the Universe or Source is sending. Things that may look like signs, are not always signs. Sometimes they are just the mathematical quirkiness of life. We don’t always have to take part in the quirkiness if we don’t want to.

Several years ago we met someone who told us, if we ever had a job opening, they would be interested in taking it. Not only had they fallen in love with Alaska, they believed they had some synchronicity with our business name, which implied a “destiny” to them. The synchronicity did give one pause. So, I went with the flow.  It has always been my dream that someone would come along who would really “get” the year round job (the slowness of the off-season and the rush of summer); someone who could help with office projects in the off-season. Was this my dream realized?

The short answer: NO. But we had to go through a rather bumpy ride to learn something.

Could we have avoided the bumpy ride; possibly, but probably not.  Sometimes, with me, the only way I can learn a lesson is for it to run over me, or hit me over the head. (Or trip me, like in March 2014!)

Isn’t that how it is with learning though; we have to make the mistakes ourselves; we don’t often learn well from others.

When they missed their plane twice, and we had to help with finding and paying for a hotel one night and paying the change fee for the ticket, we should have pulled the plug on the deal right then.

But oh no, on I charge; I think I got caught up in the navigating of the travel logistics, and didn’t stop to really consider the larger picture. I am a problem solver. Sometimes I need to let someone or something else solve them for me.

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

I’m happy this chapter was short; and although I believe it’s important for me to understand that there are people in the world with this energy, I’m happy to have this particular energy gone from my orb.

I look forward to what the Universe has in store for me; it’s funny, I’m working on a new brochure for our lodging business, making it into a Retreat Center, and I keep procrastinating. Are we open year round….they were that employee……..I’ll know when we’re done and got it right, when I produce the brochure. I think we are getting close! 😉

When the energy of Source moves me. When empowerment moves me; for that’s what it is. My transition from enlightenment to empowerment occurred some time in the summer of 2013. In fact, it’s the day my Blessing Stone appeared in my left jacket pocket. A miracle. These are signs to follow.  A random synchronicity surrounded by chaos is not a sign to follow. When we follow the red herrings of our lives, we attempt to “push the river” which disconnects us from Source.

Until Next Time, Thank You Dear Reader!

Shared With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

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