My Empowerment Epiphany 7.24.2013

In July, 2013, I had to drive to Anchorage and back, two days in a row one week (262 miles round trip).  Although each round trip basically shoots a day and puts me behind in my office work, which is stress producing, I also savor the time in the car as meditation time.  Obviously I am not meditating with my eyes closed; my focus is always on enlightenment and I usually take the time as an opportunity to listen to a CD I have of Dennis Waitley reading aloud one of the greatest books ever written, by Wallace D. Wattles.  I’ve listened to the same CD for years now, and I still get something new out of it with each listen.

So, there I was, on the 2nd return trip from Anchorage in 2 days, listening to the CD, with a focus on “enlightenment is not enough; what we need is embodiment.” I’ve been pondering that phrase for a while, and realizing that I must focus on the embodiment now.  I have made great strides in enlightenment, but I’m capable of more. Knowing is not enough; lots of people know. That’s not enough. One must BE. One is ONE.

All of a sudden, just south of the Turnagain Pass, I had an Epiphany. We, in the “enlightenment” community talk a lot about Being the Change, being the change we want to see ~ suddenly it came to me: If you want to Be the Change, then you embody change.  So, if you want Peace, you are peace. Peaceful at ALL times. If you want Love, you are love. Loving at ALL times. If you want Truth, Courage, Understanding, on and on it goes. The formula is the same. If you want all these things: be all these things.

I suddenly understood what the REALLY means! Up until that moment, I used to think it was ok to occasionally vent frustration or displeasure. You know what I mean ~ shouting at a bad driver, or yelling aloud when we drop something. Growling at something that is being stubborn. Reacting to anything with frustration, anger or displeasure is not being peaceful, yet I have heard many “enlightened” people talk about how this behavior is ok, is understandable, “normal” even.

This also applies to people and their health! I take part in Circles with enlightened people who often speak of their disease or illness.

Peace and being peaceful means a lack of disharmony. Love and loving oneself and others and our Oneness with all that is, means all is perfect. It means that we accept at all times, the moment and what the moment has and presents. All moments, even those of pain and misery. It is all a result of the ONE, of Source, of what makes us connected; it is all perfect and wonderful in all that it is, because all that is, is larger than this physical plane and time in space.

As I let my “ah ha” moment sink in something stunningly amazing happened. It felt as if the car had stopped moving, but the speedometer showed I was still traveling at 55 MPH and the tachometer was reading at 1500 RPM, all normal and what I would expect, but when I looked out the windows, it appeared as if I was barely moving. I was in a long straightaway and there were cars a bit ahead, and a bit behind me. Suddenly I was standing still, the road ahead of me and behind me stretched out seemingly into oblivion ~ as if both vanishing points were the ends of a rubber band, being pulled away from me in both directions.  The cars ahead and behind me disappeared.

My head felt fuzzy and I looked again at my speed and tach ~ both remained constant yet the scenery around me appeared to have completely ceased to move. All of a sudden, the vanishing points ahead and behind zoomed back to me; the scenery picked up speed, and the traffic that I had been able to see both ahead and behind me had disappeared.

I was on the road all alone.

One of the things I do when I know I’m making a trip to Anchorage, is I visualize the highway empty.  I live in the wilderness and that’s what I want to see when I drive; not traffic but wildlife and scenery. I am amazingly blessed that the Universe grants me my wishes often.  The rest of this trip home, I never saw another car in front of me or behind me. While common for me to not see cars for major portions of the highway, it is unusual to drive as far as I did and all the way through town, without seeing another car, either direction. I drove all the way through town, at 8:30 p.m. and not a single car was on the road. THAT was unusual! NO, that was beyond unusual, it was bizarre!

When I got home, I was still reveling in the light of my epiphany, still embracing the enlightenment, still processing the embodiment. I put my hand in the pocket of my twinkle jacket, checking my work cell, and I felt something unusual. From some where, a lavender glass stone with the word “blessings” engraved upon it, had appeared in the left pocket of the lightweight bejeweled jacket I wear every day.

I have stones such as these, and I carry several different ones in my vest and bags. They say things like Health, Peace, Love. I don’t remember this particular stone, and  I have no explanation of how this particular stone got in that pocket, of that jacket. I took it as a Sign. I took it as a Blessing. It was a Miracle.

(I must admit that I as I post this, many months later, I have become quite attached to this stone that miraculously appeared in my pocket on the day of the Epiphany. It has gone missing a few times, (one worthy of writing about, which I will do); it always comes back. I find it a great help in keeping my energy in an empowered state; in addition to my other disciplines, all I need do is slip my hand in my pocket and feel the Blessing Stone, and I know I am walking in the light (as we all are), and empowerment is mine. I am able to stay focused easily.)

Thank you Dear Reader!

Shared with Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤
P.s. I welcome your comments and questions.

2 thoughts on “My Empowerment Epiphany 7.24.2013

  1. “If you want to Be the Change, then you embody change. So, if you want Peace, you are peace. Peaceful at ALL times. If you want Love, you are love. Loving at ALL times.” -I believe in this, but often forget this way of thought during the course of the day. Maybe I will have your quote displayed on the wallpaper of my phone.

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