Where am I? [May 22, 2013]

That’s how I felt for 3 weeks after my return from Los Angeles, CA, and The Summit with Barbara Marx Hubbard, the end of April 2013. Where am I?! I’ve felt as if I have walked underwater for weeks. I considered many possibilities for my odd feeling and was beginning to wonder if the arrival of all the out-of-town for work and play, as our summer, and tourist seasons get underway, was affecting my energy levels. I’ve never been too bothered by that before in our area, except around the 4th of July. Now that my energy levels have returned, I’m most suspicious of my trip to such a densely populated area as LA.

When I volunteered for the President’s Inauguration in Washington, DC in January 2013, I could barely cope with the effect of the energy in the DC area. I was there for days before the ceremony and every day I had dizzy spells that got worse and worse as we got closer to “the day.” On the day of the Inauguration itself, I worried I’d be so dizzy I couldn’t walk. I don’t know if it was that there were One Million HAPPY people coming into DC that day, that off-set my dizzy spells, or what; but that morning I awoke at 3:30am and stood up and was OK. I thought “Wonderful! Now let’s get through the rest of the day this way!” It was a wonderful day, and truly, it was a million very happy people. What an energy to experience!

It overpowered the “Fear” energy that DC lives under, and that fear energy was extreme in preparation for the ceremony.

Traveling to LA was a very different story ~ 3.82 million people…. certainly not all happy…..

The effect of the Summit itself and being with roughly 50 very high energies certainly offset the LA energy for most of the weekend. Even so, ever since I’ve been home, until recently, I’ve felt that same overwhelming oppression that I felt in DC, and felt as if I was walking underwater; a weight of pressure on my shoulders. Although it was lessening with time, it’s taken 21 days for the effects to lessen enough for me to begin to feel more of my “normal” self than not. (That number as it relates to sacred geometry, does not escape me.)

I’m so happy whatever it has been, has worn off! Our summer is intense with tourist energy; I’m glad to have my energetic, balanced, legs back under me!

To help with this, I went to see our local Health Guru and Wizard, Dr. G. Had a wonderful chiropractic adjustment, great conversation, and exploration of various energy theories. And a tuning fork treatment too!

Maybe I will productive again and get back to writing!

(This post was originally written on May 22, 2013; for unknown reasons, it was not published on time.)

Shared with Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.s. As always, I welcome your comments and questions.

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