Evolutionary Imperative submits to the Mundane

Photo Apr 13, 9 28 06 PM(Apologies for having to repost this~glitch in the matrix!) The last post ended discussing Evolutionary Imperative; that was a week ago (or more?); how did that happen?! I’m fond of saying: For something that doesn’t exist, time sure moves fast! The time, as if there is such a thing, has been fantastic. The Universe is providing me with a beautifully woven path to follow. One email seems to lead to another, one conversation holds the answer to questions posed in the previous; each step I take has become enchanted. Answers and guidance abound. Things have flowed so fast there has been no time to journal; I’ve been too busy doing!

Whenever you form a new organization, there is much paperwork, so I’ve tended to all of that; gotten a toll-free number ending in LOVE for WE LOVE US organization, designed a logo and header graphic, created a Facebook Page.

I’ve also started to write my life story (again). Those posts are found at My Long Road Home to Alaska.

In the process of taking care of the mundane, however, the Evolutionary Imperative, as it’s manifesting in me, has continued moving steadily along, the epiphanies coming faster than I’ve been able to document. I can only hope to hang on to them in my head till I have time to capture them here.

Till Next Time…..when I hope to tell you about my “three-pronged” approach I see happening.

Thank you, Dear Reader,
With Great Love, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤


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