Mysteries of Life

Eagle in the Sun

Eagle in the Sun

This is just a funny little story of life on the path, an experience that I had last week.  Last Tuesday, during the Agents of Conscious Evolution Class I am taking by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Stephen Dinan, the founder of The Shift Network was a guest speaker.  Mr. Dinan spent some time with us outlining the vision he has for the coming years, and how The Shift Network will be helping to evolve the Planet.  When we had a chance to ask questions, I was able to speak directly with Mr. Dinan, and I shared a bit of the vision I was having at the time of a network of like-minded people that was worldwide. I likened it to Facebook in its reach, but I was not myself, very clear about the “shape of it,” if you will.  One of the things he had outlined was his dream of reaching and drawing 1 billion people together by 2020 (which, using today’s population numbers would be about 1/7 of the world population.) I like to dream big, so I suggested to him that we shoot for 1 billion a year and get to 8 billion by 2020.  Just as he was starting to respond to my comment/questions, he said “I love your Spirit.” then something like he’d speak to the technology……and then the phone went dead.  Not mine, his. He mysteriously dropped off the line. At the time I was extremely disappointed because the man is brilliant and has a great vision, and I really wanted to hear what he had to say. I also really thought I needed to hear what he had to say in order to figure out what I was going to do…..

I’ve thought a lot about this for the past week, and I’ve paid attention to the flow of life and how things have evolved and unfolded.  I have realized that for whatever reason, the Universe did not want me to hear what he was going to say.  I have no idea what he was going to say, and I may never know, but the energy was pretty clear ~ it was not for my ears.

Since then, as you may know, I founded the WE LOVE US organization over the weekend. I look back now and I realize that there’s a good chance, had I heard what he was going to say, that it may have derailed me and the energy flow the Universe had in mind.

There’s a larger energy at work than me; I will simply continue to follow my heart and the guidance of the Universe, and I be grateful for anything positive that comes from my actions.

Thank you, Dear Reader, Namaste’
With Great Love,
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!

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