How to get where I’m going?

Can't See A Thing!

We’re enjoying an ongoing winter this spring. I took this photo just a few days ago, but it could have been any day this week, or today even.  Fitting for my mood I guess since I don’t really know where I’m headed! Those of you familiar with my photos will know right away what a lack of inspiration this horizon provides, compared to other days.

I’ve been taking a class from Barbara Marx Hubbard, called Agents of Conscious Evolution; it started in late January. I enrolled in it before I left to go to Washington DC for the Presidential Inauguration, drawn to it because of some of the support team, including Deepak Chopra. I used to listen to tapes by Deepak back in the 1990s when I was in outside sales, spending lots of hours in the car driving around the countryside of Michigan, making sales calls. I’ve always been a metaphysical person, for lack of a better term, and I left a large, supportive community behind when I moved to Alaska, in 1997.

After I moved here I looked for some kindred spirits. They were few and far between and to make matters worse, over the years, many have moved away…I came here to build my dream, so that’s what I’ve been focused on doing these past 15 years. Outside of my precious gift and blessing of a husband, there are few friends who know or understand me and little support for my view of life. In some ways, this has been a blessing, because it’s allowed me to focus my education on learning, and continuing my studies on my own.

But as we approach the final shingle being nailed in place, the completion of my “dream,” my lodging and retreat center, in one of the most beautiful spots in all the world, I’m being called to do more.  The calling has been working on me for a while ~ we founded a small charity in late 2011, AK ANGELS Care, Inc. (Alaskan Aging Neighbors Giving Equal Loving Care), and I thought that might take me somewhere.  It hasn’t, and although I’m not ready to give up on it, I do feel something more, something much bigger, is calling.

Late last year (while everyone in my teacher’s world was celebrating the “shift” and “birth” of a new era), the concept of a new political party based on LOVE came to me.  I did some development of that vision and went to Washington DC for the Inauguration. I spoke to everyone I met about my ideas, which for a very shy and reluctant to share individual, was amazing in itself. (One of the by-products of my hard studying: I am now completely without fear.) I was met with lots of support and encouragement. I wrote a personal letter to Michelle & President Obama, sharing some of my ideas.  Somewhere in the midst of this time, the invitation to take the class from Barbara came via email from Stephen Dinan at The Shift Network.

I was just following the energy, trying to stay tuned into what the Universe was offering. It is how I roll, after all. The class began right after I returned from attending the Inauguration, and has opened me up to a whole world of people, a community (over 4,000 people have taken Barbara’s classes, to say nothing of all the other people I’ve discovered in these past weeks, engaged in similar classes and practices.) This community is made up of individuals, who, in one way or another, are feeling the pull of the Universe to remember why we are here, to remember LOVE, to bring peace and love to all. It’s what I’ve always been about; not that I’ve always actualized that dream, but it is what I have always dreamed of….that we could all just get along, and understand why we are here!

What I am faced with now, if I am to be open and honest here, is a sense of “coming out,” like a turtle, sticking my head out of my shell.

Unfolding tulip flowerThere are things about my experience in life, that will require sharing to this group of people, at some point. Maybe there are others out there like me. I have, in my life so far, shared my experience with others on a small, select scale, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who has experienced anything similar.

I have a burning passion within me now, and in spite of everything I am, and because of everything that I am, I must bring these ideas and insights forward.

Like this lovely tulip, my amazing husband Paul grew me in our greenhouse, it will be the blossoming of a whole new idea, and perhaps, for the planet, a new direction, filled with love for ourselves, and one another.

Thank you for your time, Dear Reader, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions 🙂

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