Asked and Answered

Unfolding tulip flowerThis is really, truly, funny, (to me anyway!) as well as a great example of how, when you are in the “zone,” tuned-in, open to the Universe, in the Now, (whatever you wish to call it), answers can come quickly. I certainly would not have suspected 11 hours from start to finish, but in this case that’s all it was.

This morning I awoke with a burning desire to understand my role in this “planetary awakening” that’s going on. The other day, when speaking with Lev Natan during one of his seminars, he asked me “What do you need; what are you needing, LAMP?” My answer is: I need to know my role. So, for a few days (since Thursday), I’ve been pondering this.

This morning, before I went to the office, I tweeted to my @LAMPinALASKA Twitter account:

“Am I a major contributor to the awakening on this planet, or just a supporting cast member….I have no idea, but the Universe knows…..”

I went to the office, and while working on a sewing project, the Universe guided me to listen to one of our Supplemental materials that came with the Agents of Conscious Evolution Class I am taking by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  It was a conversation she had with don Miguel Ruiz. His #1 guideline was: “Be impeccable with the word; with your words.”

I am obsessed with this point of life for a long time! Words, words, words; be careful what you say! Be careful how you say it! Be intentional, speak only of things in positive terms, for to speak negatively is to cast your energy in that direction. Even when things are down and out, they are also always a blessing, a wonder, a grand illusion, a mystery most do not understand; so we must always shift to that point of view, and view things positively, as that which is becoming, unfolding, and that the “bad” is already passing away.

From the moment a “bad” thing happens, it is already passing away, and being replaced with something else.  If you dwell on the thing in that dark energy, you just draw it back to you, and draw to yourself, more of the same.

Speak always in positive terms of what good is coming; and believe it is becoming; and allow your actions to reflect that belief. It will come. This is a fact of the Universe.

This evening, less than 12 hours after posting my previous Tweet, I tweeted this:

“I received my answer: Please Join! I welcome your comments and questions!”

One of the other points don Miguel made was that we should not worry about what other people think. This is exactly what I needed to hear! My job here is to act out my mission as sent here by God and the Universe to do. My job is to listen to them, and my heart, and not worry about what other people think about me or say about me or feel about me. I answer to myself, and a higher call. There is a tranquility that comes with this.

Oh, if you only knew what a long strange road it’s been! LOL Those stories will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I will just say here, that I am actually quite shy. I am shy because for the most part, because I have never fit in. Not only are my life experiences from pre-birth all the way to now, not typical, I also am clinically quite smart, which makes it difficult for me to, well, let’s just say, difficult to blend in. I have a tendency towards perfection in myself, so no matter what it is, I’m going to do it not only the best I can, but as close to perfection as I can.

I have already spoken in a different blog post about my first thoughts being of someone I was to find. What I have not yet written about,  is that there was also something I was to do.  As I have gone back and tuned in to those first thoughts, I remember the thing I was supposed to do as being some kind of a “big assignment” and of my blood running cold when I thought of the responsibility of it. I remember saying emphatically “NO! I’m not ready!” I remember long discussions if you will, with some voice in my head, explaining something to me and me saying no, no, over and over. There were feelings of fear, sheer knuckle whitening fright, every kind and level of fear and resistance.

A Bloom of Something New

A Bloom of Something New

My approach to life is to follow my heart, all the while trying to figure out the signs and signals of the Universe. I’ve trundled down some paths I was certain were meant to be, only to find they piddle out and lead nowhere. I never allow myself discouragement, instead, I just keep on keeping on, as the saying goes, doing my best, paying attention to the energy of the Universe, and something else usually comes along, bigger and better, brighter and more promising. In the beginning it can be difficult to know if the signals are “real” from the Universe or God, or our own heads (egos) telling us what to do. The longer I’ve studied the easier it seems to tell the difference; of course, I’ve taken some extraordinary measures in my studies, so I’m having what I would call accelerated and heightened experiences now. 🙂

Is the WE LOVE US path the one I am meant to be on on? Time will tell I guess, time will tell! I hope you’ll join me in the seeing of what happens!

With Great Love, I thank you Dear Reader, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

P.S. I welcome your comments and questions!

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