Under Construction! Moving Angels Rest Posts and Starting a New Focus Here

Sunrise over Resurrection BayTo all our Angels Rest subscribers: we are moving this blog to http://angelsrestretreatcenter.com  We apologize for any inconvenience! We are celebrating 15 years of business, and the Grand Opening of our Gathering House retreat building. We felt a more similarly named blog would be appropriate.

We plan to continue the use of “WalkingTheTalkInTheLastFrontier” blog ~ the new focus will be an honest and open discussion of how to live a life of oneness in today’s world. The “God Particle” has finally been found, yet everyone continues about their days as if nothing has changed.

I thought this was what everyone was waiting for! I’ve been saying for years that everything is God (recently I’ve switched to saying Universe), everything is one, connected, energy ….. of all the people I’ve read, Wallace D. Wattles nails it ~ many people including Einstein have said the same thing, but Wattles put it in an accessible way I could really absorb. Now, science has proved, exactly what Wattles and so many others have said: “There is a thinking stuff, of which all things are made.”

No longer, when I speak of life in these terms, can anyone call me crazy (although I admit, they may still look at me as if I am! LOL)

I was born with a mission ~ I do believe my time may have come…..this IS the thing I believe I am meant to do….explain the science to the world in layman’s terms, and ultimately, to teach love….everything has led me here……so, from here we will move forward, you and me together. My entire life I’ve tried to figure it out, this place, Earth.  I got there, totally there, about 5 years ago, after a lifelong quest and a broad, broad study, finally, with the help of the writings of Wallace D. Wattles, who I stumbled across through a various string of connected moments.  His most famous work “The Science of Getting Rich” was so poorly named; it should have been named: The Science of the Secrets to Life.

Let me ask you ~ what do you think would happen, if everyone on this planet grew up knowing that they were one with everything else on the planet, and was taught love and gratitude and peace ~ and when they met other people, and interacted, they treated one another as a Divine being would treat another Divine being.

Heaven on Earth is what I see 🙂 May It Be So  ❤

Thank You, Dear Reader, Namaste’
❤ LAMP ❤

I welcome your comments and questions!

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