Pondering “Things to Come” and Things to Be Done

During the summer of 2013, I spent a lot of time listening to recordings from different “Summits” that were held. They were summits of similarly minded people exploring the state of life on this planet.  One of the programs was the Summer of Peace Summit “Celebrating Our Common Humanity.” A number of the speakers are Indigenous people.  From their perspective, it seems the World at large is falling apart. There are many others who would agree.

One common thread I heard in these recordings, classes, sessions etc., is there are many people who believe and feel, that there IS an “end of the world as we know it” right around the corner and that this is our period on Earth of preparation.  There are some who will survive and carry on and that it will be those who are ready that survive.

I am one of these people; I have always believed, felt, known, that *something* is going to happen. One of the greatest discoveries I’ve made recently has been that there are lots of others out there with the same sense. I never knew! It’s a comfort, not being along in my ‘knowingness.’

I am self-employed, making my livelihood in the tourism business with a retreat center on the ocean, which certainly seems a bit risky if the end of the world is coming, with global climate change and rising seas! How I got where I am, doing what I’m doing, is certainly my destiny.  So, I’m doing it, and everything continues to tell me it’s exactly what I should do. It’s clear there’s much more I’m meant to do, though and that’s the process that’s revealing itself now, with my lodging business, my writings, and the launch of WE LOVE US.

On Sunday, July 28, 2013, I was taking our traditional steam bath with my husband Paul, and I was pondering how things would evolve with our lodging business in the face of whatever brilliant, miraculous, amazing thing is going to happen to so radically change the world. I’m not worried, I don’t believe in worry.  Everything is always exactly as it intended, and the Universe is always unfolding our lives as we need it to.

What I like to do, is to tune into the frequency and energy of the Universe, to feel the heartbeat of Source, of what’s happening around us. So that I can understand my role to its fullest, and be the boldest embodiment of empowerment possible as I go about my life. I’ve been called a Universe Whisperer.

Our lodging business is extremely special, so that alone will help us to survive whatever is coming, but I was thinking of what more there could be. I am designing some new marketing materials for our lodging and it would be helpful if I could know now what would be good for them to say then, in the future, after whatever it is that’s going to happen, has happened. I am a visionary with everything, especially marketing materials so that they last longer. I never like throwing outdated brochures away; such a waste.

There are three things that make our particular place on Earth very special, that I was thinking about. Our air, our water and our quiet.  When I shared this with Paul, he replied: “The #1 reason I’m here in this place, is because that’s where you are.”

In that moment, I knew.  I must finish writing the story of my life (www.mylongroadhometoalaska.com), and finish it soon. My life is a lot of things, and among the many things, it is, one of the greatest love stories of all time! In addition to visitors coming to our part of the world and staying at our lodging establishment to experience our great air, water, and quiet; they’ll come to hear the stories. They’ll come to meet me.

I shrink a little because I don’t ever want to seem as if I’m speaking from ego. (I’m also a little shy.) The truth of the matter is that I have never met anyone that I have not wanted to help. It’s why I’m here, is to help. It’s why I built this business, to help people have a place to come and experience Heaven on Earth.

My unusual vision, my optimism, my faith, my gratitude, my resonance with Source are all the qualities gifted to me by Source that I’m here to share. The love story is one of the vehicles I’ve been given to share with the rest.

I’ll use the beautiful Gathering House that Paul built me, to have story time sessions with our customers.  Not only will lodging customers, like quilt groups and weddings, use the Gathering House, I’ll use the Gathering House! It’s a whole new idea to me! How exciting!

Until Next Time, Thank You, Dear Reader,
❤ LAMP ❤

P.s. I welcome your comments and questions

This post was initially drafted on 8.9.2103 but not finally edited and posted till 2.2014

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